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Your transport, customs and insurance costs directly impact the performance of your company:

  • Transportation is the last link between your business and your customer,
  • Transported goods insurance must guarantee the best coverage.

Transportation highlights the quality of service of your company:

  • Insures customers delivery,
  • Compulsary for specific supplies,
  • Deals with numerous national and international regulations.

We use every means to optimally coordinate supply and demand and take into account the specificities of each company.

  • Your activity,
  • Your markets: Import / Export or national,
  • Your transport organisation: road, air, sea, rail ...,
  • The insurance you have taken out for your transported goods.

Our methodology and expertise provide solutions tailored to your needs to find the right balance for your expenses, taking into account the culture of your company and the relations with your customers.

Our target :

  • Make an inventory of existing expenses, thanks to a comprehensive approach and an expert look,
  • Provide recommendations for technical, economic, legal and tax optimization, while maintaining balance in the quality-cost-delay trio.